Our planet!

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello, everyone!!!!! This is 4th grade!!!!!
This week we have two posts in one!!!
As you all know, we work on projects. The projects planned for 4th grade this year are: Cuídame hoy para tenerme mañana, Alrededor del Sol y Siguiendo Huellas. The first one is Cuídame hoy para tenerme mañana. What do you think this unit can be about?
To give you a clue here you are an amazing video. We loved watching it in class and sharing ideas about it!!!
Soon, we’ll celebrate HALLOWEEN!!!!!! How do you feel about it? We need your cooperation: can you send us some ideas, activities, games, links, anything about Halloween? It would be nice to celebrate it in a different way. We’re trying to find a scary story to be read in class. Do you know any? When we’ll have ours, we’ll post it so you all can read it and get scared!!!!

This is all by now. Post you soon!!!


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