School Day!!

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hi everybody,

This week our school has celebrated the “School day”, a special day used to remind students about the founder of our school, Mrs. Carmen Ojeda.  For this occasion, our 4th grade students did several activities related to our Gotcha’s project for this term.  We are learning during this term about traditions around the world and traditional sports or games in other cultures.  So, our activities were related to play important games in different continents. We played for example, “Shepherd and wolf”, a traditional game in America.  It was a funny way to increase students’ motivation and knowledge about games around the world.

Our 4th grade students also had time to create posters about important discoveries throughout our history.  They learnt about the light bulb, the car, the camera,… Here you are some photos about their posters.



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