Model for a day in the German Lessons!!

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like every year, when students come back from holidays, they have some difficulties to remember vocabulary worked in the last year.  The students from 6th grade found a special form to revise the vocabulary related with CLOTHES.

First, they made a collage in the notebook with cuttings or drawings labeling the different pieces of clothes.

Then, in groups, they designed their own clothes. One student of each group was the model and the rest the designers. They could also wear accessories such as flowers etc.  After a walkabout in the classroom the members of the group explained what the model was wearing, the name of the model and a creative name of the creation.

For the students this was a very funny class.  They revised in an entertaining form presentations, vocabulary of the clothes with the gender, possessive articles (sein / ihr), possessive pronouns (er / sie) and the correct use of verbs, including separable verbs (anhaben, sein, tragen, haben, etc.)

They loved it!


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