6th Primary Students in Bath!

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our 6th primary students are in Sulis Manor, Bath,  having fun and practising English. Sulis Manor Centre for the Promotion of English Studies, is a Centre situated in the idyllic town of Bath, in the South-West of England. The Centre founded in 1998, organizes programs and academic courses in England in collaboration with the other centres Arenas, which makes it possible to have a service tailored to the needs of parents and students.

Sulis Manor offers a program of sports and cultural activities during the stay of students, organizing visits to British cities and places of tourist and cultural interest. Sports and leisure activities such as horse riding, skating on ice, excursions, marches, festivals, competitions and sporting events, encouraging contact with British youth are also scheduled.

As you can see in the pictures,  they are having fun!

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