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A few days ago, 3rd A and B had the chance to know the origins of that festival told by an Indian person. Lavina Dansinghani was so kind to visit us and tell us about such as famous celebration typically Indian.

She used a colorful power-point to make us easier the understanding of the traditions in India. She also delivered some gifts to the students.

Here   you are some comments students wrote.

Do you like tales? Then read about the Diwali origins!

Once upon a time an Indian God’s mother died. Some time later, the God’s stepmother sent him to the jungle for 24 years. He had not option and he spent that long in the jungle. Then people used to light candles to address the way back home to the God.

Ernesto 3rd A

In India, people celebrate Diwali in November. “Diwali” means festival of lights. People light candles or oil lamps and leave them all night to drive away in the darkness. Women usually buy something gold or silver. This festival lasts for five days.

Sarika 3rd A

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